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Musics in publics spaces : analysis and stakes of everydaylife use

PHD - 20th november 2004 - University of Paris 8 – VINCENNES - ST DENIS.

vendredi 10 novembre 2006, par Vincent Rouzé

Jury :

- Armand Mattelart, Professor of communication - University of Paris VIII (Directeur de la thèse)
- Philippe Bouquillion, Professor of communication - University of Paris VIII
- Antoine Hennion, Research Director at the Center of Sociology of Innovation (C.S.I), Ecole des mines, Paris (Rapporteur)
- André Vitalis, Professor of Communication - University of Bordeaux III (Rapporteur, Président de Jury)


Music in public spaces is now a common feature, but is paradoxicaly not really studied. That is the reason why we decide to analyse it. Based on interdisciplinarity and using the concept of mediation, this work wants to demonstrate that music is not to be considered in a structural or social way but both : music makes sense in action and situation. Then, the fonctions and effects of music are not engaged in a linear perspective but as an interactive construction by the actors. from history and everydaylife uses, this study elaborates a way of thinking music in an everydaylife environment and discuss the problems that may occur such as listening modalities, cultural diversity, sonic environment gestion…

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