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Sonic Arts Research Archive

The Sonic Arts Research Archive is an online database of composers and artists working with new technology and sound. It offers access to a wide cross-section of the UK Sonic Arts Network’s collection of compositions and published texts.

It will also offer access to much of UEA’s archive of electroacoustic music in digitised form. It will offer video, papers on aesthetic and technical issues relating to electroacoustic music and areas of ’electronic arts’ activity associated with it - sonic art, soundscape, sound installation, and multimedia work.

Through a programme of short-duration Visiting Curatorships, SARA will continue to grow in the wealth and diversity of artists it represents.

If you have music, video, documents or writings that relate to the history of sonic art and would be prepared to make these available for archiving, or if wish to have your own work, writings, or contact details made available online,

please contact :
Sonic Arts Research Archive Electroacoustic Music Studios
University of East Anglia Norwich NR4 7TJ
United Kingdom

email :
tel : +44 (0)1603 592453
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Date: 25/05/2017
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