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CASH Music

CASH Music se veut être une plateforme musicale communautaire dédiée aux échanges entre les artistes et les auditeurs.

CASH Music : a Coalition of Artists and Stake Holders. The community we hope to foster at CASH Music is participatory, supportive, and beneficial to listeners and artists alike. It may help to think of CASH Music as a battery, two poles sending energy back and forth. The artistic creator stands at one pole with the community at the other — creative energy flowing between these two points creates value. The artist makes that initial investment ; their money, their resources, their time and their ideas. But that’s only the beginning. Via CASH Music you’re asked to interact with this output, assess it, be inspired by it, enhancing it’s value. Once that value is perceived you are asked to contribute accordingly — your money, your ideas, your effort, or all of the above.

You and the CASH artist are stake holders in common. You want the art to continue. The artist wants to continue creating. Your support keeps this flow moving, and that flow creates read-write culture where all parties to the artistic experience can enrich the experience as a whole. CASH Music is about supporting artists, supporting listeners, and supporting this emerging read-write culture.

Date: 19/04/2018
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